Anytone AT-D868UV, AT-D878UV compatible digital contact list

Certified Fresh!Looking for the freshest digital contact list for your Anytone HT? You just found it!
We automatically and continuously generate a new worldwide digital contact list compatible with the Anytone AT‑D868UV and AT‑D878UV handheld transceivers. Click on a link below to download a zip file that contains a CSV file ready for import to your radio.

File # DMR IDs # Unique Callsigns # Countries
Worldwide Contacts (Extended*) 142592 121952 172
Worldwide Contacts (Standard*) 141651 121627 170
North America Contacts 69718 57050  
European Union Contacts 50189 46458  

*The "Standard" version of the digital contact list contains contacts derived from the two standard DMR ID registrars and old data is purged regularly. The "Extended" version contains data from the standard DMR ID registrars plus data from unofficial registries and older data that is not purged. If you have room in your radio, the "Extended" version is the best choice.