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The KF5IW DMR repeater antenna has been moved to a higher location. While not at the level we were before, coverage is much improved.

We have switched DMR networks! Please read the information below and view updated talkgroup information.

Welcome to KF5IW.com, the official website of the KF5IW DMR repeater serving Fort Myers, Florida and vicinity. KF5IW is an open repeater owned and operated by Jim Blocker KF5IW for the benefit of the local Southwest Florida Amateur Radio community. The repeater is not affiliated with any club, nor are any dues required to use the repeater.

KF5IW is part of the BrandMeister DMR network providing local, regional, national and international connectivity. Most BrandMeister talkgroups are supported.

Fulltime Talkgroup 311261 on Timeslot 2 is recommended for general local use while providing connectivity to this repeater for non-local users.

Local 9 (Timeslot 2) may be used for local QSOs, and is not available outside of this repeater.

Local 2 (Timeslot 2) is a "Southwest Florida" Talkgroup and currently links this repeater to the N4ADI repeater in Punta Gorda Isles. Local 2 is not available to hotspots and it is recommended to use Talkgroup 311261 if you wish to connect to this repeater from a hotspot or distant repeater.

Dynamic talkgroups are supported and it is recommended to use Timeslot 1 for accessing any dynamic talkgroup.

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Repeater Specs

Frequency: 442.175 MHz
Offset: +5.000
Color code: 1
Coverage area: Lee County, FL (and vicinity)

Digital Contact List

We automatically and continuously generate a new worldwide digital contact list compatible with the Anytone AT‑D578UV, AT‑D868UV and AT‑D878UV transceivers. Now you don't have to mess with downloading the DMR ID database, converting to CSV and manipulating it with your favorite spreadsheet program!

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Tuesday Lunch bunch

Want to hobnob with other DMR users? Want to find out about Timeslots, Talkgroups and Color Codes? Want to solve all the world's problems? Then join us at the next lunch bunch!

Small lunch bunches are held in the East Fort Myers area. Please for more information.

DMR Presentations

I've had the privilege of introducing DMR to seminar attendees at our local hamfest on two separate occasions. Please click below to look at the slide decks.

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Thursday Evening Digital Net

Please join us 7:00PM local time on the second and fourth Thursdays of the month on Talkgroup 311261 (Timeslot 2 on the KF5IW DMR repeater) for the Southwest Florida Digital net! We will have important announcements regarding DMR, as well as take your comments and questions. Please note that Talkgroup 311261 is accessible on the BrandMeister network. Feel free to join us from another BrandMeister repeater or your hotspot if you're outside of the repeater's coverage area.